Dyke: FIFA should release report

World football???s governing body commissioned the report into allegations of corruption in world football by US attorney Garcia.

The report has now been completed but FIFA has stated its findings will not be made publically available and Dyke has joined UEFA president Michel Platini??in asking for full disclosure on the matter.

“The FA board met yesterday and we want to know what was in it. What was the point of doing a full investigation if we don???t know what was in it?” Dyke told Sports News HQ.

???We were one of the bidders for 2018. This was an investigation into 2018 and 2022. We want to know what it says, so we will certainly be pushing for it to be published.

???We are not alone – even Mr Garcia is pushing for it to be published.???

Dyke has previously stated the FA would not bid for future World Cups while Sepp Blatter was FIFA president.

Instead they have focused on UEFA events and that has paid dividends, with Wembley Stadium being named as the venue for the final and semi-finals of Euro 2020, although he admitted he would like to see a future World Cup bid put forward by the FA.

???Sepp Blatter can’t go on forever, can he? He is certainly standing for another four years and will probably get elected,??? added Dyke, who was speaking at a grassroots football event in Lowestoft.

“We decided to concentrate on UEFA tournaments and we???ve now got the semi-finals and final for the 2020 Euros, which is good news.

“Hopefully at some stage we can get back into having a better relationship with FIFA and bid for another World Cup.”

As for the decision to award the 2022 World Cup to Qatar, Dyke admitted he is unhappy with the decision.

But despite FIFA Executive Committee member Theo Swanziger claiming this week he did not feel the World Cup would be held in Qatar because of the extreme temperatures, Dyke believes they will remain in the Gulf state.

“Personally, I don???t think so (that the World Cup would be moved from Qatar),” he said.

“You???d have to demonstrate that something had gone wrong in the process, I think, before you could do that.

“There was a process, Qatar were awarded it, they???ve spent a lot of money and they???ve got a lot of money to take anybody to court.

“In truth, it was a pretty disastrous decision for football and I think everybody now accepts that.

???They ignored the recommendations of their own technical committee, which basically said they thought playing there was unsafe.

???You have to question, well then, why did they go there????

“I would still be surprised if it was moved. I would welcome it moving away from Qatar but I can???t see it happening.”