Lee Chong speaks out on doping claims

World number one Lee Chong Wei has finally commented on the news that he failed a doping test and faces suspension from the sport.

Chong Wei took to Facebook and Twitter to post a link to an interview with a Malaysian sports blogger Satwant Singh Dhaliwal, the first time he has addressed the issue since the news of his positive test first broke at the end of last month.

He was quoted as saying: "My knees wobbled and I could neither stand nor sit down as I read the letter notifying me that I had failed a doping test, I have never cheated not even made any attempt to cheat thus this was like a bolt of lightening (sic), destroying everything I had worked so hard for. I am a firm believer of hard work and effort to achieve success so such an allegation left me speechless and dumbfounded."

Regarding the possibility of a two-year ban, Chong Wei told Dhaliwal, "We will cross the bridge when we come to it I guess. At the moment I am confined to my house and have not even thought of returning to the courts yet.

"There are so many unanswered questions and I hope to clear my name soon. I never cheated nor will I ever rely on banned substances."

You can read the full interview here