Chong Wei regrets trusting doctors

Suspended world number one Lee Chong Wei has revealed he learned some important lessons from his suspension due to doping.

Chong Wei has been suspended until after the BWF has held a hearing into the circumstances around his failed dope test after the World Championships in Denmark. He faces a possible two-year ban from the sport after testing positive for banned anti-inflammatory dexamethasone on 30 August.

Chong Wei says he has learned to be more involved in his medical treatment. In an interview with Malaysian paper The Star, he said: "I trusted the doctor completely… after all, I was just getting treatment for my injury. I am not an expert in all these medical stuff. I just know the number of feathers in a shuttle and what tension is needed on a racquet.

"Now, as I look back, I would have surely done a medical test before going to Copenhagen. It's too late now and all I can do is wait for the hearing.

"My case should be an eye opener for others. I am sure the National Sports Institute will now be extra careful on what is given to athletes. And I hope all athletes will take the trouble to know what kind of medical assistance they are getting during rehabilitation.

"I hope they will learn from my case."

The athlete, who was sporting new braces, was able to joke with media who asked about them. He said: "I got it fixed last week. If I don't get to continue my badminton career, at least I'll look handsome so that I can go into acting."