Khan aims for star duo

The Las Vegas contest on December 13 between Khan and Alexander is live on Sports 1.

But Khan believes it is a necessary step to take before he shares a ring with one of boxing???s true greats.

???This is a fight I need to get me to the next level,??? he told Ringside. ???The big fights are there for me. I???m at that age now, at my peak, where I???m ready for those big fights. My name is getting mentioned alongside Mayweather and Pacquiao. Look, this fight can lead to one of those big fights and it???s about time we got that in.

???[Alexander and I] have got a very similar style because he???s quick as well. I think when it comes down to skills, my skills are a little better than Devon???s but he???s still a very skilful fighter. He???s been in with Lucas Matthysse and Marcos Maidana and beaten a lot of big names ??? his last fight he beat Jes??s Soto Karass.

???We???ve been working very hard, I???ve been in training camp for 11 or 12 weeks in San Francisco, away from my family and friends. I???ve been focusing on what I need to do and I???m looking forward to fighting at the MGM.???


Khan also shared his delight at the prospect of his name in lights in Sin City.

???Topping the bill at the MGM has always been my dream,??? he continued.

???Fighting in Vegas was my dream, but then it was the top the bill at the MGM. I???m the main star going there ??? normally you get Floyd Mayweather at the MGM but now it???s Amir Khan going there.

???I???ve heard from a lot of people on Twitter saying ???we???ve been to Vegas and saw your picture all over the place???. It makes me happy because that was my dream when I started boxing, having my name and my picture on the strip in Vegas.

???It???s great that I???m back on again, it gives my viewers the chance to see me fight again.???