Cook: Show respect in right way

The 25-year-old died in Sydney on Thursday, two days after being struck on the back of the neck by a bouncer bowled by New South Wales paceman Sean Abbott during a Sheffield Shield match.

Cook says he shared many enjoyable moments with his fellow left-hander that has included conversations on subjects as far removed from cricket as the Australian???s ???love of cattle.???

Although Cook thinks Saturday???s second ODI between Sri Lanka and England may well be played at a slightly less combative nature than normal, he still believes the intensity of international cricket should not be compromised in the long term.

Speaking ahead of the game in Colombo, a sombre England skipper said: ???Naturally tomorrow it may be different. Both sides agreed that, out of respect for Phillip, the game should go ahead, and also show our respects in the right way.

???This is a tragic accident but we shouldn???t change the way that cricket is played. That???s not the right way to go about it. We will go about it in the same way tomorrow.

???Competitive sports needs that balance. We should show our respect at the start and then play the game in his honour.”

On the subject of safety, he said:?????The manufacturers and authorities should try to make cricket as safe as we can, improve player safety, and there have been major improvements just in the time I???ve been a player. Especially helmets.”

As for his own approach to batting, he added: ???It???s a reminder how dangerous it can be. Thankfully, it doesn???t happen very often.

???But I won???t change the way I play. It???s a natural thing. You can???t have those doubts in the back of your mind because you won???t play well.”

Regarding his memories of Hughes, the Essex batsmen added: ???I remember talking to him a lot after the Ashes series in 2013.

???We had something in common, both being left-handed opening batsman and his love of farming as well ??? with his cattle.

???It gave us some common ground to talk on and he was one of the guys I would always talk to after a game. Yesterday was a sad??day and tragic for cricket and my words can???t convey how sad we all are.

???He would have gone on and been a great Test batsman, there???s no doubt about that. He would have only got better.

???We are part of the cricket family and the world is closer now than ever, with all these different franchises. We all know each other better than ever now.???