Williams: IPTL has a future

World number one Serena Williams is confident that the International Premier Tennis League can become a permanent fixture on the tennis calendar. 

Many have questioned whether the big-money event has what it takes to forge a long-term future on the circuit, with some saying it is simply a gimmick that will soon lose steam and the star players who have lured to it.

However, Williams says that she is thoroughly enjoying the event, and that she is likely to return.

"I came into this thinking it was going to be like fun and a blast, and I’m having a fun time, having a blast. I didn’t think it was going to be a good preparation like it is but it turns out to be an amazing preparation, it’s really perfect," explained the American.

"After I played in Manila, I was like this is a great way to prepare for the season. I think it’s going to grow naturally because a lot of players are supporting it and a lot of players are involved in it. I think it’s definitely going to grow.

"I would definitely see myself playing this every year, it’s a great event to be involved in, it’s fun and like a said it's a great opportunity to get ready for the pre-season. So I think a lot of players enjoy that, I know I do."