Records don’t concern Mourinho

Mourinho, who has never won on Tyneside, can take the Blues’ unbeaten run to 24 games with a result against Alan Pardew’s side but is adamant that all that matters is putting points on the board.

He said: “I’m not looking for records. I’m looking for points – victories and points – and if it’s possible at the end of the season, title. I’m not looking for records. I just want to win the next match and that’s all.

“I wouldn’t know about the record if you hadn’t told me about it 20 times. The record I want is to win the Premier League three times with this club. That’s the only record I want.

“The only thing that matters for me in the Premier League is that I won the title twice. That’s all that’s important for me.

“It’s a difficult stadium to play in. There are a few stadiums in this country that clearly, when they see the Chelsea shirts, they make the game of their lives and when they play against other teams they play them like friendlies.

“Maybe this is because Chelsea, in the last decade, become a strong team that everybody wants to beat.”

Mourinho, who confirmed Diego Costa will return to the starting line-up following his ban for Wednesday’s 3-0 win over Tottenham, also rubbished claims his league leaders may struggle without suspended midfield anchor man Nemanja Matic.

Mourinho added: “Diego was also important for us and he didn’t play and we didn’t want to speak about it. This time, a big player for us is not playing but we trust other people and we forget Matic, who has a little bit of a holiday – a free weekend he deserves very much. He’ll be back stronger.”