Suzuki Cup semi in doubt

Saturday's AFF Suzuki Cup semi-final between Philippines and Thailand could be postponed due to adverse weather conditions.

Super Typhoon Ruby is due to make landfall on Saturday, with strong winds, storm surges and flash floods anticipated.

As a result, tournament organisers have issued an advisory indicating that the game would be postponed if the conditions became dangerous.

"Typhoon Ruby is expected to make landfall this weekend in the eastern shores of Philippines," a statement on the tournament's official website read.

"Based on the weather forecast, Metro Manila may have cloudy skies with light to moderate rainshowers and thunderstorms. The LOC (Philippines Football Federation) is constantly monitoring the weather conditions for the match between Philippines vs Thailand on Saturday, 6th Dec 2014. 

"In the event that Rizal Memorial Stadium experiences severe weather or other emergency conditions, the match will be postponed until further notice."