De La Hoya on May-Pac fight

Oscar De La Hoya has revealed while he believes Floyd Mayweather will win a fight with Manny Pacquiao, the Filipiono will have the more respected legacy when he retires.

De La Hoya, a former boxer and current head of Golden Boy Promotions, was commenting on the proposed super fight between the two boxers considered the best pound for pound fighters of their generation.

The fight looks like it might finally take place after over five years of negotiations between the two camps. However, De La Hoya thinks Pacquiao (36) has not aged as well as Mayweather and that might show in the ring.

He said: "It's one of those fights where anybody could win. Who would I give the edge to if it was today, I would have to go with Floyd.

"Three years ago, hands down it would have been Pacquiao. But now I would go with Floyd. If he fights Pacquiao, then Floyd will erase all doubts that anybody might have.

"Yes, Pacquiao has aged more in the ring, absolutely. Why? Because he has been in wars, but who has more respect which is going to live on forever… that's Manny Pacquiao. There's no doubt about that. With Manny, they are going to say 'wow he fought all these guys, fought tough battles and gave us [all these fights]'."