Ferdinand figures in QPR team

Rangers face Arsenal away on Boxing Day ahead of home matches with Crystal Palace and Swansea.

Speaking from QPR’s training ground on Christmas Day, Redknapp told Sports News HQ??that??his side must perform better away from home if they are to stay in the Premier League.

???We???ve found it difficult away from home??? it???s amazing how the fixtures turned out,” said Redknapp.

“We???ve played all the teams in the bottom half of the division, most of them anyway, at home, and all the top half away, and now the second half of the season is reversed.

???You never know where you???re going to pick up a result, we???ve got to keep playing the way we are but away from home we do need to pick up a few points.

???We???ve got to [give it a go at Arsenal]. Go there and see what we can pick up. We need to pick up some points.???

Redknapp said he was enjoying Christmas morning in the wake of tough wins over West Brom and Burnley but said squad rotation would be important with three matches in five days.

With QPR rotating players from a squad of just 16, Redknapp said Ferdinand was in contention for a spot with the starting side.

“He’s been incredible, when he hasn???t played – as a man who???s done and won everything – his attitude is first class??? he hasn???t thrown his dummy out and sulked around.

???It???s going to be a case of choosing the games and rotating, and everyone???s going to be involved – the whole squad.???

Ferdinand said his coming back into contention in the festive period reminded him of former Manchester United team-mate Ryan Giggs.

???It reminds me a little of Giggs at United – he never got his boots on until Christmas, ??? the 36-year-old said.

???I was no under illusions that this was going to be a difficult season, a different season, and it???s really proved to be that.

???It???s all about accumulating enough points to stay in this league, and when your time does come, you???ve got to go in and take that.???