Daly: Ryder selection not rocket science

In September the USA team were crushed 16.5 – 11.5 at Gleneagles by their European counterparts, to lift the title for a third consecutive time.

Europe team captain Paul McGinley's clear, meticulous planning was evident throughout the event, unlike that of American counterpart Tom Watson.

The PGA of America has now put together an 11-man task force to select the next captain for Hazeltine in 2016.

Two-time major winner, Daly, feels the decision to appoint a task force was odd and has offered his services to help the team get back to winning ways.

"I don't know where they're going with a task force, I really don't, as they should just go ahead and pick a captain," said Daly.

"I know I will never be a captain, but it would be fun and an experience if I could be involved in some way, as I could keep the guys loose and ensure they have a bit of fun.

"It's not rocket science why the European team has been winning, and it doesn't need a task force to work it out," he added.