Pakistan delay Ajmal bowling tests

The off-spinner was suspended from international cricket after his action was ruled illegal in tests in September.

The PCB had asked the International Cricket Council (ICC) earlier this month to reassess Ajmal’s action but have decided to delay it after tests revealed he still needs remodelling.

Ajmal, 37, will do more work in Lahore leaving him with little time before the World Cup squads are announced on January 7th.

But Mohammed Hafeez, who was suspended earlier this month over his bowling action, will have an unofficial test in India.

In a statement, the PCB said: “The PCB committee discussed the future course of action to be adopted with regard to Ajmal and Hafeez and agreed that in the case of Ajmal, further remedial work should continue in collaboration with Saqlain [Mushtaq] and a bio mechanist in Lahore.

“The group was informed that significant progress had been made by Ajmal who is now working on completing his ‘mileage’ with the remodelled action which shall soon be accomplished.???

Under the ICC rules, bowlers are allowed to flex their elbow by 15 degrees but Ajmal’s tests revealed his elbow flexed by 43 degrees. ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ????

PCB chairman Shaharyar Khan said if Ajmal’s bowling action is deemed illegal by the ICC, he faces a two-year ban which means the end of his international career.

“The PCB fully supports Ajmal in his attempt to regularize his action and to return to cricket as Pakistan’s top performer in the future,” the board added.

The World Cup in Australia and New Zealand starts on February 14th.