Monk issues Shelvey warning

Shelvey, who was substituted in the 1-0 win over Aston Villa on Boxing Day after collecting his seventh booking this season, is in Swansea???s squad for Monday???s visit to his former club Liverpool.

But his participation in the game remains shrouded in uncertainty after the midfielder was publicly criticised by his manager for lacking application and work-rate.

“We can’t afford silly bookings and it cost him being on the pitch against Villa because any slight mistimed tackle could have been a red card,??? Monk said.

“Jonjo has to wise up because that yellow card came from laziness and he has to be better than that. I have spoken to him a number of times and there is only so many times you can say it.

“He has to learn very quickly and make sure he does the work instead of being lazy, and he won’t pick up the yellow cards and risk a red or coming off the pitch. If he had not done that he would have stayed on for 90 minutes.

“It is about doing your job properly and responsibly, understanding the role you are playing, not just for yourself but for the team. He has to learn this otherwise he won’t play games, it is as simple as that.

“We can’t afford silly mistakes because we have already been punished for those this season and I can’t allow that any more. Jonjo’s ability is frightening and I have said I am more than willing to give??him the chance to show that ability.

“I will push him every single day, but you also need to want it yourself. I think he does want it, but he also needs to understand the time for being lazy with it is gone. The team are trying to push higher now, and the demands I put on them is the same for him.”

Monk understands Shelvey is desperate to be involved against his former side but insists he will pick the best XI for the match against Liverpool.

“Of course it still means something to Jonjo playing Liverpool but I don’t pick players on sentiment,” Monk said.

“We have games coming up and he will be involved in those games but I wanted to make sure there wouldn’t be anything silly going on.

“I can’t afford what has been going on this season with Jonjo because as soon as you get a yellow card you run the risk of a red.

“The other bit is even if he doesn’t make a silly challenge you are taking away half the player because he can’t make a challenge and I don’t want to be in a position worrying about that.”