Allardyce enters diving row

The debate over diving has re-emerged after Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho spoke of a campaign against his team, with Cesc Fabregas booked for simulation on Sunday.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has called for new measures to be put in place to punish diving, suggesting retrospective action should be taken to help stamp out the problem.

Although Hammers boss Allardyce is against full-blown simulation, he believes referees are not good enough to make the right decisions 100% of the time.

???As long as it’s not simulation and you get the right decision from it then it???s fine,??? Allardyce said.

???If you’re not touched and you go down then that’s not the way forward, but if you can’t get what you should get then you make a meal of it because the contact is sufficient enough.

???The contact on Morgan Amalfitano in our last game was sufficient enough to impede him getting the ball cleanly in that position, to try to help us score a goal. ??As difficult as it is for referees, those are the decisions that they should be capable of giving.

???Unfortunately referees are not brave enough to give those penalties because, in the atmosphere in the stadiums, it doesn’t look like one. But their job is to identify if it is one or not.

???A very good game from a referee can’t involve being 99% great and then 1% a major decision he’s got wrong. He’s had a bad game, like a goalkeeper who???s been brilliant and drops one in the net.???