Carver: Newcastle my dream job

Carver has been placed in temporary charge of the Magpies for Thursday???s game at home to Burnley because manager Alan Pardew is set to take the top job at Crystal Palace.

And it has been speculated that Carver, who will be assisted by first-team coach Steve Stone and football development manager Peter Beardsley, may be installed on a longer term basis, possibly until the end of the season or even as the new permanent boss.

Carver has managed Toronto in the MLS and acted as a No 2 at Plymouth, Leeds, Sheffield United and Newcastle.

Asked if he wanted another crack at the top job, he said: ???I think you always have those ambitions don’t you? But you’ve got to wait for the right opportunity.

???Now the manager looks like going, what’s my situation? Only time will tell.

“My head’s going 100 miles an hour here, as you can imagine.

???I think that every coach who goes into football wants to be a manager, and there will be a day when I want to be a manager again, there’s no doubt about that.”

When it was suggested that managing Newcastle would be a dream job, he added: ???Of course it is.

???I’m a local lad and it’s a dream job for anybody but the manager’s still the manager at the moment.”

And Carver insists that he has not been paying any attention to the rumours suggesting he may take permanent charge.

???I have not read a newspaper or seen anything on the TV,??? he said. ???And I am being serious about that because you don’t get a chance.

???When you are in this situation, you have got to do things quickly. You have got to put all your energy into getting a result against Burnley, and that’s all I have done.

???It was a pretty unique situation because once we knew he (Pardew) was in talks, then I had to get my head round preparing the team.

???It has been carnage actually, because we have two games over a short period of time (Newcastle are also away at Leicester in the FA Cup on Saturday). It has been quite difficult.

???I have had to delegate responsibilities to other people, Steve Stone in particular, so we can get ready for these two games this weekend.

???All I have got to do is to go into the game and get a result against Burnley. That is the most important thing for me.???