Saina turned down for award

The Badminton Association of India (BAI) had in August recommended Saina's name to the Sports Ministry, but two-time Olympic medallist wrestler Sushil Kumar was chosen as the more deserving candidate. Saina previously won the prestigious award in 2010.

"I heard that Sushil Kumar's name was sent for the Padma Award as a special case, while my name was not sent to the Ministry of Home Affairs by the Sports Ministry. 

"The ministry guidelines say that there needs to be a gap of five years between two Padma Awards. So if they can send in his name, why didn't they recommend my name as I have completed the five years gap? I feel bad about it," Saina told PI.

In 2011, the 24-year-old had similiar issues with being nominated for the award. "Last year when I had sent my file in for the Padma Bhushan Award, the ministry said 'No Saina you can't apply this year because you have to complete five years for this.' 

“So I again applied this year for the award. So why my name was not recommended this year?" she asked.