Staubach admits Hardy concerns

Dallas Cowboys and NFL legend Roger Staubach has admitted that he probably wouldn't want defensive end Greg Hardy as a team-mate.

Hardy has been in the news again after a picture of his ex-girlfriend was published showing injuries she allegedly sustained in a domestic violence incident involving the former Carolina Panthers star.

During an appearance on NFL HQ, the 73-year-old Hall of Fame quarterback was asked if he thought Hardy should be playing for the Cowboys.

"I'm a former Dallas Cowboys player, so I don't know him and I haven't dealt with him," Staubach said.

"As far as how I feel about it, I wouldn't particularly want someone on my team that had the issues that he has. Again, that is somebody that hasn't sat down with Hardy, to say, 'Is your life going in the right direction right now?'

"People can overcome mistakes it's just that domestic violence is a very serious issue and also the evidence is you just don't overcome it without getting help."

Staubach, who won two Super Bowls with Dallas during a 10-year career with 'America's Team', also reacted to a claim from Cowboys owner Jerry Jones that Hardy is a leader of the team.

"I think he means a physical leader on the field," he added. "I don't see him being a leader in the locker room. But I don't know him. I don't hang out in the locker room. On the field, the guy is a monster."