Khan trainer’s Pacquiao insights

Amir Khan's trainer Virgil Hunter believes if they Floyd Mayweather Manny Pacquiao superfight happens Mayweather will win.

Hunter, a former Trainer of the Year, believes this to be the case because he thinks Pacquaio has not changed his fighting style to account for his age.

Hunter said: "I see Mayweather winning the fight. The reason I say that is because Manny, for some reason, really hasn't reinvented himself yet. He's still fighting with the same intensity and the same training philosophy.

"It's a really high energy fighting style. He hasn't really come into his own, from what I can see, where he's learned to relax the style and maximize the style to make his style more efficient.

"The way he fights, and the energy he gives up – he could very well wear down mentally in the middle rounds, which will also cause him to wear down physically.

"That's why I would pick Floyd to win that fight by a pretty decisive decision, because he's able to control your ability and bring your punch count down.

"That could be very frustrating to a fighter who likes to throw a lot of punches, and who likes to fight at a high, energetic style. I would pick Mayweather to win that fight."

The ongoing sparring on social media between Pacquiao and Mayweather is the only real news around this fight, but pundits and those in the know still believe the fight which fans are waiting for may well finally happen in 2015.