Froch-Chavez talks ‘ongoing’

The Nottingham man intends to press ahead with plans to face the Mexican star in Las Vegas, despite being ordered to defend his IBF super-middleweight title against mandatory challenger James DeGale. ??

Chavez Jr’s promoter Bob Arum recently raised doubts about the fight due to a contract dispute, but McCracken insists progress has been made and they are even discussing a possible date.

“We are still going through the Chavez offer and whether that will happen at the??end of March,” he told Sports News. “Nothing has been confirmed yet, but we are in talks about Carl fighting Julio Cesar??Chavez Jr.??

“Until we know what is happening there, obviously everything else is secondary.

“Until something is signed you never know. It’s moving in the direction that Carl will fight Chavez shortly, but obviously it’s not been done yet.

“Talks are ongoing and we are positive, and hopeful, that it is going to happen shortly.”

Froch has already returned to training, but McCracken believes the 37-year-old will not have more than two fights in 2015.

DeGale is expected to fight Andre Dirrell for the IBF title if Froch does not agree a defence this month, although the British rivals could meet later in the year.

McCracken said: “He’s back in the gym training and is enjoying it. He’s talking about one,??possibly two fights, but we will take it one step at a time.

“Whatever motivates him and interests him is ultimately what he will decide to do.

“He will definitely fight again and hopefully it will be against Chavez in a big Vegas fight next,??

“James DeGale is the mandatory so that will be looked at as well. We will see where that goes.??

“There may be two big fights before the end of the year, but there won’t be any more than two??fights that’s for sure.”