Walcott taking comeback slowly

Walcott made his first start in a year against Hull City in the third round of the FA Cup on Sunday and showed a fair bit of rust after the longest lay-off of his career.

The England international suffered a serious knee injury last summer, an injury that wrecked his chances of going to the World Cup, and he was then sidelined by a groin problem in November after having returned to action with a couple of appearances off the bench.

Walcott’s rehabilitation is almost complete now but he feels he is better off setting himself small targets rather than leaping in and expecting to be playing at a high level straight away.

“I like to work week by week, so I forget about the big picture and the nine??months (out). Week by week, hitting the goals and when you have achieved that,??you can feel good about hitting something else,” Walcott said on Arsenal??Player.

“You need to just come into training with a smile on your face, enjoy it and??that’s all you can do.

“I remember when I had one of my injuries before, I came??in down in the dumps and rehab seemed to take so much longer.

“You don’t want that, you want to come in and feel like you’re doing something??each day.

“Even though it might be the same things at the start, you benefit when??it comes to the end of it.”