Pettis has advice for disgraced Jones

UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis has weighed in on the Jon Jones saga, offering advice to his fellow fighter and champion.

Pettis offered some advice to light heavyweight champion, who entered a drug rehabilitation facility after news broke that he had tested positive for cocaine metabolites last month.

Pettis said: "I was surprised by it, but at the same time… man, he's only human. You're put in these situations, you're put in these bad situations in front of people who expose you to that kind of stuff. It takes a strong person to say no to that stuff.

"For me growing up, I grew up in the ghetto, so if somebody who's not doing as good as me in life said, ‘hey, try this out, it'll make you do this or feel this way,' [the answer is,] nah, you're not living as good a life as I am. But then if somebody who's doing better than you in life offers you it – it's kinda how it's presented to you. When you're in this position, you meet all these successful people and all these people who are doing big things and have people looking up to them, and it's just there. It's just there and you have to know how to say no to it."

Pettis concluded: "My first thing is, he's one of the greatest in our sport. So make sure he's healthy and gets his mind right before we can think about what's going to happen to him. I've seen addiction, I've seen how drugs can ruin someone's life firsthand with my family, and I definitely don't wish that upon anybody. I'm sure the UFC is going to do what they have to do. They're going to do what's right."