Toni Nadal reveals details of his talk with Rafael Nadal during Federer-Djokovic final at Wimbledon 2019

Toni Nadal reveals conversation with Rafael Nadal during Federer-Djokovic final at Wimbledon 2019

Rafael Nadal’s uncle and Spanish coach Toni Nadal recently opened up about the conversation he had with World No. 2 during Wimbledon 2019 final. Roger Federer defeated Rafael Nadal in the semi-final to set up the last match of the tournament against defending champion, Novak Djokovic. 

Djokovic went on to win his 16th Grand Slam title after defeating Federer in a five-set thriller.  Toni Nadal stated that he and RaFa watched the match together and contemplated on the drawbacks of his Wimbledon encounter against rival, Federer.

Toni Nadal stated that the Wimbledon 2019 final was one of the greatest matches in tennis history. He was quoted saying, “The final was one of the greatest matches in history, it had all the things although I remember better matches like in the US Open and, especially, the 2011 French Open semifinal.”

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“I think he has some time left at the highest level as long as he keeps being excited. It has been years that they say he has a short career and, luckily, they were wrong. He was able to listen and be driven by others”, he added about his nephew.

Tono Nadal then went on to reveal a few aspects of his conversation with Rafael Nadal during the final. He said that they analysed the manner in which Djokovic returned against Federer and how it helped him in prevailing over the Swiss legend.

“This is the meaning of smartness. The level was always very high, even too high sometimes. I watched the final with him and I told him to look at where Djokovic was returning. He was much closer to the baseline than he did in the semifinals”, he concluded.