Wimbledon 2019 champion Novak Djokovic reveals when he will stop playing Tennis

Wimbledon 2019 champion Novak Djokovic reveals when he will stop playing Tennis

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic defeated Roger Federer in Wimbledon 2019 to successfully defend his title. He is now headed to the U.s. Open where he will once again look to defend his title. 

Ahead of the Grand Slam, Djokovic opened up about how long he wants to continue playing Tennis. He stated that several personal factors including his family play a key role in his decision of continuing to play Tennis. However, if the circumstances change for the Serb, he believes that he isn’t obligated to continue playing the sport.

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In an interview with U.S. Open’s official website, Djokovic said, “It depends not only on myself, but it also depends on circumstances in life. I’m not just a tennis player, I’m a father and a husband. You have to balance things out. Obviously, you need to have the right circumstances, the right support for things to play out in the right way.”

“If things are well balanced and if I have the ability to keep on playing if I of course firstly still enjoy it because I don’t have any obligation to play,” he added.

Djokovic stressed on the fact that he has no commitment towards playing tennis and only does it because he loves the sport. Therefore, the Serb is expecting the picture to change in the next five years.

“I really don’t have any commitment to play tennis. I play it because I really love it and I have the support of the closest people in my life. As long as that’s so, hopefully in five years’ time I can be hearing the same chants”, he concluded.