Rafael Nadal reveals the real reason why he feels indebted to life

Rafael Nadal reveals the real reason why he feels indebted to life

Rafael Nadal crashed out of Wimbledon 2019 after suffering defeat at the hands of Roger Federer in the semi-final. However, that did not put a dent in the enthusiasm of 12-time Roland Garros champion. 

Nadal, who will be eyeing his 19th Grand Slam title at the U.S. Open, opened up about his approach towards life and Tennis. The Spaniard admitted that he is grateful for all his accomplishments but could not have achieved those without competition.

Talking about his gameplan, the Spaniard said, “For me, it’s really about day by day, I do not think about what will happen in five years.”

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He was further quoted saying, “Over all these years, I experienced things I never thought I would have dreamed. I am in debt with life for allowing me to go through all this. For me, it’s difficult to imagine a life without competition. Whether it’s golf, football, everything, the fighting spirit will always be there and that’s what I like.”

“Players are becoming even bigger and if you want to make the crowd keep seeing good points, and not just aces, you have to think about what will come after. Now men are much bigger than 50 years ago, but the net has the same height, for example”, he added while reflecting on the changes in Tennis in the last few years.