Andy Murray has his say on Serena Williams and Roger Federer after their Wimbledon final defeats

Andy Murray may have been forced into reducing his tennis workload due to injury, but his love for the game is there for all to see.

The Brit teamed with Serena Williams in the mixed doubles at Wimbledon 2019, but it was his teammate who excelled in the ladies singles, reaching the final before falling to Simona Halep.

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And Murray has only praise for both Serena as well as Wimbledon men’s singles finalist Roger Federer, who narrowly lost to Novak Djokovic after a five-set thriller.

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“I don’t mean that Roger and Serena themselves are taken for granted. I’m just saying it’s more like the longevity, like the competitiveness to keep going at that level,” Murray said, as was reported by Tennis World USA.

“I think that’s what people maybe sometimes don’t always talk about. Maybe sometimes, like, it looks like it comes easy to them, and it isn’t. I know that. It’s hard work to stay at the top of a sport for a long time physically, mentally.

Yeah, for me that’s what’s really impressive as a professional athlete, just to see what they’ve done. It’s that. I don’t mean them. I think tennis is grateful for all that they’ve done, all the fans they’ve brought to the sport.”