Wimbledon 2019: Novak Djokovic reveals mental trick he used when entire crowd was chanting ‘Roger’

Novak Djokovic revealed that he resorted to a spot of mental trickery to survive the onslaught of ‘Roger’ chants that bellowed out at Centre Count during his epic 5-set Wimbledon 2019 final triumph.

Djokovic eventually emerged 7-6, 1-6, 7-6, 4-6, 13-12 winner over Roger Federer in the longest ever Wimbledon final but he had a fair few obstacles to hurdle on the way.

For starters, he had to save two Championship points against an inspired Swissman and also battle against an incredibly pro-Federer crowd throughout the match.

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Asked how he did it, the Serb revealed a neat little mental trick that he had put to good use to help prevent him from going off-kilter.

“That’s a good question [about how I dealt with the pro-Federer crowd] because at times you just try to ignore it, which is quite hard,” he explained.

“I like to transmutate it in a way: When the crowd is chanting ‘Roger’ I hear ‘Novak’.

“It sounds silly, but it is like that. I try to convince myself that it’s like that.”

Djokovic captured his fifth Wimbledon title with the win and further closed the gap on Roger Federer’s all-time record of eight.

(Quotes R/T Express)