Wimbledon 2019: Rafael Nadal confesses that stress got to him against Roger Federer in semifinal

Rafael Nadal admitted in the post match press conference that ‘stress’ played a factor in him losing the Wimbledon 2019 semifinal against arch rival Roger Federer.

The gritty Spaniard went down fighting in another instant Wimbledon classic between two of the greatest tennis players of all time and pointed to stress as a factor why he lost the match.

Speaking to reporters after the four set encounter, Nadal revealed that some of the things that Federer was doing well in the match were stress-inducing for him and didn’t allow him to play at his best.

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“I had my chances, but he played little bit better. The beginning of the third probably was one of the keys,” he said.

“Stress? Maybe, I don’t know. Probably because he was doing a lot of things well.”

“His return was better than mine and my backhand didn’t work as good as in the previous rounds. I was a little bit too worried about missing with the backhand, so I was not able to move with freedom to the forehand. I was not able to open [up] the court,” confessed the world number 2.

“You can’t make him miss for the speed of the ball. You have to put him out of position. If you don’t, then he plays in his comfort zone, and it gets very difficult.”

(Quotes R/T Hindu)