Wimbledon 2019: Nick Kyrgios’ brother abuses Rafael Nadal in Instagram video

Wimbledon 2019: Nick Kyrgios' brother abuses Rafael Nadal in Instagram video

Nick Kyrgios loss against Rafael Nadal in Wimbledon 2019 grudge match did not go down with the Australian’s brother. He was reportedly heard swearing at Nadal when he joined Kyrgios in a live video on Instagram.

As per the reports, Kyrgios headed to a bar following the match. During that time, he went live on Instagram and was joined by his brother shortly.

Kyrgios started the conversation by saying, ” RaFa was so good” repeatedly crediting the Spaniard’s 6-3, 3-6, 7-6(5), 7-6(3) win in a highly dramatic match. Following which, Kyrgios’ brother called Nadal a “f***ing p****” at ) 0:06 seconds into the video.

Kyrgios went on to suggest that ‘Ralf’ was simply too good in their match. But the ussie also took the opportunity to reveal that he was mocking Nadal during their match. “Bro every time he hit a good shot I turned to my box and was like ‘yep, goodbye Ralf’,” Kyrgios admitted.

Nadal and Kyrgios have locked horns seven times in their career. Yesterday’s win granted World No. 2 a 1-0 lead in the win to loss ration against his rival. After the match, Nadal even said that Kyrgios is potentially a future Grand Slam Champion. His opponent, however, disagreed with the comment.

You can watch the video here: