Federer says Serena is the greatest of all time

Ahead of Roland Garros, it has emerged that Roger Federer has labelled Serena Williams as the greatest tennis player of all time.

Serena has controversially not been seeded for this year’s Roland Garros and if she is looking for inspiration (which is unlikely considering she is one of the most motivated and determined sports people of the modern era) then she need look no further than Federer’s recent comments.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal published on Wednesday, Federer expresses his admiration for Williams, who has 39 grand slam titles including 23 in singles.

“[Williams’s career] has been fascinating to watch. She had a totally different upbringing – I came up through Switzerland with the federation, she did it with her dad and her sister,” says Federer in the interview.

“It’s an amazing story unto itself – and then she became one of the greatest, if not the greatest tennis player of all time.”

Federer is then asked to clarify if he means Williams is the best female player of all time or the best overall.

“Overall,” he responded.

Debates on the greatest tennis player of all time will continue to rage on. However, if Serena can win Roland Garros in her first grand slam appearance since giving birth to her daughter then things might start to become slightly more clear-cut, even to Serena’s biggest critics.

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