Roland Garros 2019: 5 little known facts about the tournament

The year’s second Grand Slam event, Roland Garros 2019 will witness its Round of 16 commence on May 26. The 123rd edition of the tournament will witness the worlds best players battle it out for the title on clay. 

Also known as the French Open, Roland Garros 2019 is also associated with several accolades. Despite being one of the Grand Slams, the tournament continues to include some of the traditional practices in modern-day Tennis.

Rafael Nadal – Roland Garros Player Profile

Many hoped that new policies adopted by the Australian Open and Wimbledon will compel French Open to include the same. However, no word from the authorities have led the spectators into believing that the tournament won’t welcome new policies related to Women’s category, amongst many other things.

Although the tournament is extremely popular amidst the Tennis fans all across the world, there are several details which may not have gained the attention of the casual fans. Here’s a list of five such facts about Roland Garros 2019 that you should know.

  1. Number of Women qualifiers

In the recent past, the Australian Open and Wimbledon adopted the 16-qualifier policy for Women’s bookings. This step was taken in order to match the number of Men’s Qualifiers in the tournament. Considering the fact that the number of female participants has significantly increased in the last decade, the other Grand Slams were quick on adjusting the layout of the tournament. In fact, this act was first introduced by the US Open.

Roland Garros, however, continues to leave room for only 12 Women qualifiers. By doing so, they are the only Grand Slam tournament that features less female qualifiers as compared to their male counterparts.

2. Tiebreak vs Advantage Set

In the last few years, several Tennis tournaments and championships switched to ‘Tie-breaker’ in order to settle ties in the game. This method implies that in an event of a 6-6 draw in the set, the players need to play one special game. The first to reach 7 points bags the win. Few of the celebrated International events which use tie-breaker are tennis Olympic event, Davis Cup, Fed Cup, Australian Open and Wimbledon.

However, Roland Garros don’t rely on ‘tie-breaker’. Instead, the tournament uses ‘Advantage Set’ which requires the players to pick a win in 6 games in a tied set. These wins are only counted if the player has a two-game lead over his or her opponent. Roland Garros is the only major Tennis event that continues to use this method in order to counter ties.

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3. Introducing Shot Clock

The Tennis ‘ Shot Clock’ was introduced to keep a check on the time consumed by players between two shots played, particularly after they win the points. While the Tennis world has had divided opinions on Shot Clock, several tournaments were quick to adopt this new system. It is believed that this feature helps the referees in overseeing the overall time-management in the match.

Last year, US Open became the first Grand Slam to introduce Shot Clock in the tournament. This year, Roland Garros will introduce Shot Clocks in the juniors tournament. The clock will allow 25 seconds to the players in between two points.

4. No Service Let in the juniors tournament

The Roland Garros 2019 juniors tournament will allow Service Let in the game. Usually, if the ball hits the net before landing in the cross-court service box, the umpire allows the game to proceed without giving fault. Instead, a warning is given to the player who is made aware of the ‘let’ and is expected to not repeat the same in the second serve.

In such events, the service is not counted as a legal fault. However, the same policy won’t be adopted in the juniors tournament of the ongoing Roland Garros.

5. 1 Grand Slam, 16 events

Apart from the Singles and Doubles events for both Men and Women as well as Mixed Doubles, Roland Garros 2019 also features 11 more events. These include Junior tournament which will feature four events unfold — Boy’s Singles, Boy’s Doubles, Girl’s Singles and Girl’s Doubles. The Grand Slam also features the same category of events for Wheelchair Tennis players.

Apart from these, the Roland Garros 2019 will feature Legends Under 45 Doubles, Legends over 45 Doubles and Women’s Legend Doubles.