Li Na embraces new life

As the defending Ausrtalian Open champion Li Na was paraded around Melbourne Park in the build up to this year's event and on a number of ocassions since play got undeway. So great is her affinity with the Australian Open that she decided to announce that she is pregnant with her first child on Rod Laver Arena – as one does.

It's a life that her child will not know much about though. Li Na says that she will not tell her child about her tennis success. Tennis is her life, her dream, and she doesn't want her child to have to grow up in its shadow.

"I try to don't tell them I was the tennis player," she said. "It's pretty simple. I wish them happy and healthy, that's it.

"Tennis was my job, it's not their job, you know. I think everyone has [their own] personality

Some will say it's a strange way of merging her past with her future, and without knowing Li Na one may say that it suggests that she will not look back fondly on her days as a tennis player, but in fact quite the opposite is true.

"I think I'm perfect for the life," she said of her career. "I wouldn't change anything."

However, her tennis career is not what Li Na has looked forward most to in life. Her dream? To be a housewife. 

"I think my dream is be a housewife. I think every child they learn from the family. I was learn from my mom, so I was feeling the woman has to be like housewife. But I guess I'm not bad to play tennis. So I was feeling, okay, because tennis was take care a lot. I think now is the time to turn back," she said.

In an age in which women are encouraged to look beyond the home and embrace all that is available to them, it's an interesting take.

But Li Na has never been the norm. Described as a trailblazer, Li Na revolutionised Asian tennis, not just for women, but for men too. 

Her career may have ended too soon – four knee surgeries will do that to a person – but her infulence will live on for long time. Both on the tennis court and at home.