Canada star slams Australian Open organizers, says he ‘don’t want to risk’ his life amid bushfire, smoke concerns

Canada star slams Australian Open organizers, says he 'don't want to risk' his life amid bushfire, smoke concerns

Canada’s rising star Denis Shapovalov has become the latest participant of the Australian Open 2020 to slam the organizers for allowing the tournament to continue despite the smoke from the raging Australian bushfires posing a potential health hazard.

He further refused to play if he is scheduled to play under poor conditions, while also adding that not everyone is happy with the way the things are being handled.

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The 20-year-old opined that it is a bit scary for him to come to Melbourne as a participant of the Australian Open 2020, only to see how some players are collapsing, while others needed inhalers to play the game.

“If it does get bad, honestly, I don’t know what needs to be done. But there’s got to be a solution, and this should have been thought about weeks before. This shouldn’t be something that we have to be dealing with right now,” Shapovalov told the reporters on Saturday.

“I wouldn’t play. Obviously it’s a grand slam, it’s a big opportunity, but I’m 20 years old. I don’t want to risk my life, risk my health being out there in these conditions when I can play for the next 10, 15 years.”

“For my own health, if it gets bad, I just don’t see what the point is. I think everyone’s kind of on the same page. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone happy with the way things are being dealt with,” he added further, before concluding:

“For me it’s just like, it’s not great. You see the effects on players it has right now, the last couple of days, but also you don’t know what it’s going to do later in our lives and how it could affect us if we’re breathing this air in for two weeks.”

Quotes via Essentially Sports.