Roger Federer destroys journalist after defeat to Alexander Zverev at Shanghai Masters

Roger Federer fell to a surprising defeat against Alexander Zverev at the Shanghai Masters 2019 tournament, and a question from a journalist seemed to irk the Swiss even more once the match was done.

What was perhaps even more surprising than the actual defeat was the fact that the normally cool, calm and collected Federer actually argued with the chair umpire over a point during the game.

Reporters chose to question the multi-time Grand Slam Champion about the incident, but Federer would have none of it, looking rather annoyed by the line of questioning.

Federer chose to avoid answering the questions, saying – “so you could write on Twitter, you mean? No, it would be nice to write something nice once also about the game. Next question.”

Federer grumpy after shock loss to Zverev in Shanghai

The 38-year-old was handed a point penalty for hitting the ball into the crowd during the match with Zverev, and it appeared to impact his play afterwards.

“The penalty point was just something that happened today, it wasn‘t something that changed the outcome, I was behind in the result but won the game anyway, Zverev put me away today, not the umpire,” Federer said.

“At the end of the second set it became dramatic, I was very happy I could make it into the 3rd one could have guessed the momentum may have changed but, he was always a step ahead, his service never let him down this might have brought him the win, he played better,” he added.