WATCH: Nick Kyrgios slams Rafa Nadal after being handed time penalty, fined $113,000 at Cincinnati Open

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In yet another expletive-laden tirade by Nick Kyrgios, the Australian tore into chair umpire Fergus Murphy at the Cincinnati Open, and even slammed Rafael Nadal in the process. Classic Kygrios. 

It was during his Cincinnati Open 2019 match against Karen Khachanov that Kyrgios lost his head, not for the first time, and went on a verbal tirade against Nadal after being handed a penalty for taking too long between points.

There was drama throughout the match on the part of the controversial tennis star, who was initially given a warning, but continued to run his mouth at the “poor” officiating during the contest.

‘You’re a f**king tool bro’ – Kyrgios slams umpire during Khachanov defeat

He even proceeded to head off court at one point, only to smash two racquets in frustration and come back onto the court of play to continue the match.

Kyrgios meltdown during defeat to Khachanov at Cincinnati Masters

After being handed a time violation, Kyrgios claimed he was treated differently to stars such as Rafael Nadal.

“So you’re telling me that Rafa plays that quick?” he asked the chair umpire.

“Every service point, that quick?

“Every time? That’s hilarious, bro.

“That’s hilarious. Rafa’s playing that quick?

“I missed the ball, the guy starts the clock.

“Bro, if Rafa plays that quick, I’m retiring from tennis.

“Absolute rubbish, rubbish. Disgrace.

“Get me some footage of Rafa playing that quick, I’ll shut my mouth and never speak again.

“This sport’s biased as s**t.”

Kyrgios went on to lose the match 6-7 (3-7) 7-6 (7-4) 6-2, and BBC report that he was also fined $113,000 for five different incidents of unsportsmanlike conduct.

ATP are also considering a suspension as well as further fines to tighten the noose on such deplorable behaviour.