Federer very confident ahead of Aus Open

The five-time Australian Open tennis champion, who turns 34 this year, shows no sign of slowing down winning 73 matches and five titles in 2014.

Federer started 2015 by winning the Brisbane International and said he was feeling very fit and positive for what lay ahead.

"I mean, I would hope that over the years I've always improved," he told media at Melbourne Park on Saturday.

"I think I'm serving more consistent and stronger than I ever have. That's my opinion. I definitely think the (new) racquet has helped me with that as well, a little bit.

"But, you know, my concentration I do believe is there, better than it's ever been, at least I hope it is, because I feel over time you always want to improve.

"I think my backhand is working better than it has in the past as well. The question is confidence, forehand, movement."

Federer feels that he can still improve and had not yet hit his best form ever like in the past when he was considered virtually unbeatable, but acknowledged he was getting close.

"Clearly when I was winning almost everything, everything was so gold that nobody was even questioning anything," he said.

"Maybe if there were different opponents, different times, it would have changed. But for that particular time, I was playing exactly the way I needed to. I had to adjust my game a little bit over the years.

"I feel I'm playing very well. If it's the best ever, I'm not quite sure," he added.

"But I'm definitely very pleased how things have gone now the last six months," he added.