A different perspective for Djokovic

Djokovic and his wife Jelena welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Stefan, into the world in October, and Djokovic admits that while everyone says that becoming a parent changes you, he only realised just how much it would when he became a father.

"I can say definitely that it's the best, most joyful thing that ever has happened to me and my wife. We are so blessed and grateful to have a child. He's a little angel,” he explained.

“They're not here with me, so I'm trying to stay in touch with them. The technology nowadays helps me to stay connected and see them and watch them on a daily basis.

“Everything that you see, all the facial expressions, changes on a weekly basis, daily basis, as a matter of fact, is quite remarkable. It's inexplicable for somebody that hasn't experienced it before. That is what people were telling me before I became a father. They said, ‘When it happens, you will understand the feeling’. I do now.”