Other slams considering fifth set tiebreaker

Reports revealed that Wimbledon and the Australian Open are considering adopting fifth set tiebreakers to their events.

Currently, the ongoing US Open is the only grand slam that features a tiebreaker in the final set to decide the match.

The issue reared its ugly head at Wimbledon this year, where Kevin Anderson and John Isner were involved in a six and half hour marathon semi-final, with Anderson eventually winning 26-24 in the final set.

“I really hope we can look at this, because at the end you don’t feel great,” quipped the South African in London after the mammoth effort.

Now Anderson, who is part of the ATP Player Council, revealed that the winds of change may be sweeping through the game.

“I think Wimbledon are looking at it,” he told Reuters.

“There are obviously some pros and cons but I have heard that they are discussing it. It will be interesting to see what they come up with. And Australia, potentially, as well.

“A lot of sports are having to change their formats, there’s a different demographic coming up, so maybe even three-out-of-five-set tennis may have to be looked at, at some point. So I wouldn’t be surprised if at some stage we do get to that tiebreaker.”

This was partially confirmed by a spokeperson at the All England Club who stated the final set tiebreaker will be “reviewed and considered as part of the post-championship debrief.”

Jamie Murray, doubles specialist and brother of three-time grand slam winner Andy, raised some good points as well.

“I think tennis is long enough,” said the Brit.

“If you haven’t sorted the match out by 6-all in the fifth set…the players have played enough tennis, the fans have seen enough tennis, TV’s seen enough of that match, a tiebreak is enough, so it doesn’t get out of control and sort of mess up schedules, mess up players’ next rounds, mess up draws and things like that.”