Murray ‘needs winning mentality’

The Scot appeared to have seized control of the match in the third set when he broke Djokovic for a 2-0 lead, but allowed himself to be distracted by his opponent???s injury breaks and slumped to a 7-6 6-7 6-3 6-0 loss at Melbourne.

In recent years, Murray has retained his composure while winning grand slam titles at the US Open and Wimbledon, but Cowan believes he showed signs of his old vulnerability at the weekend.

???You don???t get stressed from the comfort of your armchair, but under real pressure you have to try and remain calm,??? said the Sky Sports expert.

???It???s almost like the red mist descended on Andy. Very much like a footballer, if you???re the manager you wouldn???t want your player to get sent off in big games. You need to count on your big players to keep their composure.

???Clearly for Andy, it???s something that he can address and he???s already corrected it once. He needs the people around him to remind Murray that his best tennis is when he???s fired up but also when he remains in the present and when he doesn’t get distracted. You need to strike a balance!??

???He needs to be fired up, but keep a calm head.???

Despite enduring defeat in the final, Cowan feels that Murray can take plenty of positives from his performance in the tournament, which included sparkling wins over fellow seeds Grigor Dimitrov and Tomas Berdych.

???It was only a few months ago that he performed so poorly at the 02, not just against Roger Federer, but really against Kei Nishikori,??? he said.

???After a gruelling period of five or six weeks, I felt he was sort of in a muddle about how he wanted to play and I think we saw in his first six matches a rejuvenated Murray. Clearly now he has got a point to prove.

???I think he played some really impressive tennis when he needed it.”

Murray must now wait for his next crack at a major tournament, but can iron out any perceived problems during the upcoming events on the ATP Tour.

Cowan is confident the 27-year-old can return even stronger as he works towards the French Open in May.

???He???s number four in the world, he???s back and making a final of a slam, however, for Andy it is about winning grand slams and rightly so,??? said Cowan.

???When you???ve won two ??? you want to win more. The relevant question you???ve got to answer is: ???What have you got to do to win more???? They are the areas that I???ve mentioned: the second serve. It continues to be a weakness and an easy target to attack under pressure.

???They are the small little areas that can define whether you are going to win or whether you are going to lose. But Andy has been good in the past, maybe not accepting in public, but accepting in private the necessary improvements in his game to move forward.

“It’s really important now for Andy in the next two or three months, although we haven???t got any majors, he needs a run of consistency in the masters events to keep it going because it will prepare him for the next time he plays a Djokovic, a Nadal in a slam.

???I did feel there was a little bit of self-doubt under real, real extreme pressure in the 1st set tie break and in the 3rd set which can define whether you win or lose that match.??? ??