Moya: Rafa’s power can never be replicated

Rafa Nadal’s coach, Carlos Moya, believes the power and success of the 17-time Grand Slam winner can never be replicated but thinks Dominic Thiem is not too far off.

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The 32-year-old Nadal competes harder than any other man on the ATP Tour thanks to his unique mental intensity and strength which has seen him win a 79 career singles titles.

Moya was full of praise for his charge, saying; the Spaniards playing style was ‘unrepeatable’ but thinks the 24-year-old Thiem of Austria is ‘the best current crop’ of player that has similar characteristics to Nadal, style and temperament wise.

“I think he is unique,” said Moya. “I didn’t know players of the past and current generation who have his same characters.

“Today the new generation players are very talented, others have a big serve, others hit well from the baseline.

“But I think what Rafa had for his whole life, his discipline, his winner fighting spirit is difficult to find nowadays.

“I think Thiem is the one who can get the closest to him, but what Rafa did will be unrepeatable.

“It’s difficult to tell in what aspect you help him (Nadal). The most important thing is that the player wants to improve, grow up and with this mentality, it’s easier.”