Williams to find out Wimbledon seeding decision

Serena Williams will learn whether she has been seeded for Wimbledon on Tuesday, amid an ongoing conversation about the treatment of players coming back from pregnancy.

The seven-time champion is currently ranked 183 after making her comeback in March following the birth of her daughter last year.

Williams, who has lobbied for seedings and rankings to be protected during pregnancy, was not seeded at Roland Garros earlier this month, where she got to the fourth round before withdrawing through injury.

Speaking on the issue last month, the All England Club said: “The seeding order follows the WTA ranking list, except where in the opinion of the committee a change is necessary to produce a balanced draw.”

The seeding meeting for Wimbledon, which starts on July 2, will take place on Tuesday.

Former Wimbledon champion John McEnroe has also spoken out in favour of protecting rankings, saying that: “I don’t think there would be a player that would complain, especially the top ones, if she was one of the top eight. Why in the world would they want to play her in the first, second, third round? Nor should they, in my opinion.”

Meanwhile, the United States Tennis Association has said that players returning from pregnancy will be taken into consideration when they decide the seedings for August’s US Open.

“It’s the right thing to do for these mothers that are coming back,” said president Katrina Adams.

“We think it’s a good message for our current female players and future players. It’s OK to go out and be a woman and become a mother and then come back to your job, and I think that’s a bigger message.”

She added that seedings would be revised “if pregnancy is a factor in the current rankings of a player”.