Justice for Nadal after doping accusation

World number one Rafael Nadal successfully sued the former French Sports Minister for accusing him of doping.

In a television interview in 2016, Roselyne Bachelot said the Spaniard’s extended break from tennis in 2012 was to cover up a doping ban. 

After appearing in court with Nadal’s lawyers, Bachelot has now been ordered to pay $14 000 in damages by a Paris court. Nadal revealed on Facebook that the money will be donated to charity. 

"As you can see in the media, today is a happy day for me, my team and my fans," wrote the 32-year-old.

"The French justice has resolved the case in favour of my honesty and integrity as a sports player. I want to thank all of you who believed in me. As I said before, the money from the fine will be donated to a French NGO."

Nadal recently withdrew from the year-end ATP World Tour Finals after just one game due to a knee injury.