Is Mirza pregnant?

According to her husband, Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik, she is expecting a child soon.

This came out during a chat with fans using Twitter hashtag, #AskMalik.  

After a few tweets the cricketer started talking about parenthood.

And Malik, in a tweet, said: "junior Malik' is coming soon…inshallah"

The two got married in 2010 and when Mirza became the first Indian women to reach the world number one ranking on Monday, both India and Pakistan celebrated her achievement, with Malik leading the chorus. 

Malik said in one of his messages to his wife that he was her number one fan. "Congrats @MirzaSania. Your #1 fan, Shoaib,” he tweeted. "Mrs. Malik just became the 1st Indian tennis player to be the World's # 1! Lots of love from all the Pakistani fans."

Mirza replied, "Thank youuu.. from one fan to the other.. see u soon".