Nadal and his love of the sea

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal has spoken of his love for getting out in the water, after recently shelling out €3 million for his own yacht.

The Spanish tennis great is now the proud owner of a yacht called Beethoven, and he loves taking her out to sea as often as he can.

“That’s my world,” Nadal said in an interview to Boat International. “I have always lived near the coast, between Manacor and Porto Cristo. My father, ever since I was a kid, had a small boat and I loved to go out with the boat and dive.

“Every time I have the chance, I come back to Mallorca and get on the water. I have always loved the feeling of adventure a boat offers you. You feel free. I am able to forget about everything and get away from that tiring stress.

Rafael Nadal

“Doing things that I love to do and enjoying those two days snorkeling, or spending time with friends, or playing, going out with the boat and visiting places, walking through the mountains. I love that. That’s something that, without a doubt, helps me return to the world with more energy.”

Nadal says even cold weather doesn’t stop him from following his passion.

“Even in the winter, for example, I finish training at three in the afternoon and I say ‘OK, I’ve done enough.’ I check the weather and if the conditions are good I say to my captain ‘Let’s go!’ and we spend the afternoon on the water.

“I put my neoprene on and go snorkelling in the bay, I have dinner and sleep on board. The next day, early in the morning, I come back to port and head to training. I do that a lot. When I have more time I love to go for whole weekends or even for a whole week.”

Rafael Nadal

Nadal revealed he has had other Spanish players on board with him, as well as footballer Fernando Llorente, who recently signed for Tottenham.

“Andy Murray came and used the boat with his team for a few days, but I wasn’t on board. I have been on board with Feliciano López, Marc López, David Ferrer and Juan Mónaco.

“A lot of the Spanish players come here to practise and we always go out on the boat. I was with the footballer Fernando Llorente on the boat last week. Everybody who comes on board is always very happy.”