Federer enjoys giggle at ball boy’s expense

Despite his ice-cold demeanour on court, it’s pretty clear tennis legend Roger Federer appreciates a good laugh just as much as the rest of us.

After his two opening matches went to a gruelling five sets, you could have forgiven the Swiss master for wanting to take a break from watching any tennis while he recuperates and putting his feet up

But it seems he can’t stay away from the game, even in between matches.

And this was demonstrated on Saturday as he tweeted a humorous clip from Venus Williams’ 6-3, 6-4 win over Greece’s Maria Sakkari.

Federer posted a GIF of a Venus serve hitting a ball boy right in the worst spot possible as his attempt to catch the ball went horribly wrong.

He captioned the tweet with a tennis ball, a diamond (a reference to his jewels, possibly) and an SOS sign.

Proof that even the most serious professionals occasionally need a moment of light-hearted relief.