Norris: Expose ‘injury fakers’ to public humiliation

Former ATP Director of Medical Services, Bill Norris, has said the way to treat players who call for medical timeouts to treat a fake injury should be publicly humiliated on court.

Norris, who spent 35-years on the tour assisting top players with various injuries on and off court, spoke in a telephone interview with Reuters about Australian tennis player Bernard Tomic, who admitted to faking an injury timeout because he was "bored" during his first round loss against Mischa Zverev at Wimbledon.  

"This young man (Tomic) not trying in his match at Wimbledon is not a good thing," Norris told Reuters.

"If I got called out to court (and realised) some guy just wants to buy time, it is gamesmanship.

"I would say it out really loud so that the umpire and spectators could hear and say (to the player): 'You called me out for this? That’s very unfair of you and it’s unfair to your opponent'.

"So I would embarrass the player."

Fellow Australian Pat Cash called Tomic's behaviour "legal cheating". 

"I saw the medical people out there and he admitted he faked an injury," Cash said on FOX Sports.

"What do you do? You call a medical time-out and they ask you 'What’s wrong with you' and you say 'Well, nothing really. I just wanted some time off.'

"I mean, that’s blatant cheating, first of all."

Tomic has since been dumped by his racquet sponsor Head following his comments and was also fined £11,600 by the International Tennis Federation. 

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