Bjorkman to coach Murray

The Swede was initially brought into Murray’s coaching staff in an advisory role, but with the Frenchman woman due to give birth in August this year, he will become the two-time Grand Slam winner’s full-time coach.

"If all goes well he'll spend a lot of time with me through Wimbledon and after into the US Open as well," Murray said at the BMW Open in Munich.

"I'm going to spend the whole of the hard-court stretch through to the end of the US Open with Jonas, if everything goes well. Then I'll see what happens with Amélie because I don't think she knows what her priorities are going to be.

"She told me she had something personal to talk to me about.

"We were actually going to chat about the next couple of weeks, because she wasn't going to be around. But then I was thinking about 'something personal to tell you'. Then I thought, maybe she's pregnant. She wasn't coming out for dinner in Australia; she normally goes to the gym all the time [but] she didn't train once through Australia."