Wimbledon raise prize money

Tournament chairman Philip Brook insisted tennis’ top stars are not overpaid, despite Wimbledon hiking prize money for the fourth successive year.

All England Lawn Tennis Club chairman Brook said the season’s third grand slam event??will once again offer the “highest prize money ever in professional tennis” in??2015.

The singles winners’ prize funds have risen seven per cent from ??1.76m in??2014; in the last four years, Wimbledon’s overall prize fund has jumped from ??14.6m in 2011 to ??26.75m in 2015.

“Without the world’s best tennis players, we wouldn’t have the world’s best??tennis tournament,” Brook said.

“And we recognise the players are an essential ingredient of our??championships.

“The level of prize money is affordable to this championship, so we feel it’s??important that we should reflect that in what we pay the players.

“I think you’ve seen now that some other tournaments are reacting to what we??did two years ago, so there are some big increases in other grand slams and??other masters events in response to what we did two years ago.”