Federer has no hard feelings over Wawrinka insult

Roger Federer is known as one of the nicest guys on tour, but he clearly got under Stan Wawrinka’s skin after the Indian Wells Masters final on Sunday.

Wawrinka got a bit emotional and tearful during his post-match comments to the crowd, but when he glanced over at Federer, the champion – and the man who had just beaten him – was sitting courtside laughing.

“I would like to congratulate Roger,” Wawrinka said, as he looked over at his countryman. “He’s laughing. He’s an a**hole, but it’s OK.”

Laughing at an opponent you’ve just beaten seems like a terrible thing to do, but Federer said he was just trying to cheer Wawrinka up.

“I was trying, when he looked at me, not to give him the sad face,” he said. “I was looking at him going, ‘You’ll be fine,’ and gave him a laugh, say, maybe gets his mind off it. I guess I achieved that.”

Federer was later asked if that was the first time in his life he’d been called an a**hole, he said that he’d heard it many times before.

“That’s why I take it as a compliment,” Federer joked.

“There’s not always cameras around, so I get called that sometimes. Quite often, actually. On the court is the first time, but it felt good.”