Djokovic: Tennis is no longer my top priority

World number two Novak Djokovic says that tennis is no longer his top priority and his focus has shifted to his family.

The 29-year-old Serb, who became a father in October 2014 when his wife Jelena gave birth to his son Stefan, has admitted that, prior to having a family, his total focus was on tennis and it showed with him winning 12 Grand Slam singles titles.

But the goalposts seem to have changed for Djokovic when he confirmed in an interview to the Serbian talk show RTS that his young family now comes first. 

"Tennis was my number one priority when Stefan was not born. Now it's completely opposite," Djokovic told RTS. "I have a son, a wife, a family, and I am extremely grateful for the blessing of being a father. 

"I'm at the stage where I'm trying to be the best possible husband, father and tennis player. It is challenging, but not impossible. Everyone is trying to be the best version of themselves. That's the case with me as well. 

"At the same time, I cannot be at 100 percent every day in each role, although I try to give my best. I cannot give as much anybody else expects of me. But, I can always give as much of I expect from myself."

Of late the Belgrade-born superstar has not been at his dominant best having lost the top spot in the ATP rankings to Britain's Andy Murray last year and has been struggling of late since his last grand slam success at the French Open last year.

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Djokovic said that he has no plans of ending his tennis playing days anytime soon, though.

"I continue to play tennis with the same passion and love that I had when I picked up the racquet for the first time in my hands. Tennis makes me strong and gives me great emotions and as long as I feel it, I'll continue to play. 

"Being the number one of the world is still one of the goals. I want to return to that position, but it is not the main priority," said the Serb. 

"I'll be happy if I become number one as a result of my good results and matches. Also, I want to improve and have a long career. I don't see myself ending my career anytime soon, although I'll be 30-years-old. 

"I have a lot to accomplish, and a lot to prove to myself and others. But, consciously taking into account all the other things going in my life, I cannot separate myself professionally, as a tennis player, and privately, as a father and a husband, son, brother, friend. This all makes me complete as a person."

He added that very little had changed in the way he was training and the intensity was there despite recent results not going his way.

"I'm training hard, as before," Djokovic added. "My training process and routines have not changed much, regardless of whether I'm at home, or travelling. I think I train intensively even now. 

"There comes a new generation of players, who are very motivated to oust us from the top and it is necessary to be always ready to meet challenges."