Are Novak and Jelena expecting a second child?

Serbian world number two Novak Djokovic's wife Jelena is expecting their second child, according to Serbian news outlets.

The report is yet to be officially confirmed by the 12-time grand slam winner or his wife but Serbian media is abuzz with the news citing a source close to the couple. 

It has been no secret that the couple have always wanted more children.

An Inserbia News report claims both were literally screaming with joy over the phone at each other when they found out.

The two already have a son called Stefan, who was born in October 2014 in Monte Carlo.

The Inserbia News report reads: "Jelena suspected at the beginning of the year that she is pregnant so she decided to visit a doctor who confirmed the happy news.

"Jelena told the news to Novak by telephone; she did not wait to come home. Both of them literally screamed with joy because they always wished to have two children."

Other reports claim Jelena is already two months pregnant meaning she would give birth around the time of the US Open in August/September.